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Train Wreck is: Sean Trackman, Kenny Garnett, Frank Bloise, and Rick Coakley

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We are happy to announce that the members of Train Wreck - Sean Trackman, Kenny Garnett, and
Rick Coakley - have been joined by drummer George Green to form a new project:


We are preparing to debut at the annual Kiwanis 3rd of July Street Dance, and will be recording new
material shortly thereafter (sorry, it won't be ready by the 3rd).

The new website is at, you can send us an email at and we'll get back to you directly.

Below are the updates chronicling our journey with Frank from July, 2011 until his passing in
January of 2012, and through his memorial service at the end of February...

Update 02/27/2012 - The Frank Bloise Memorial was a great success, with just the right blend
of tears, healing, and celebration - at times sad, at times exhilerating. The turnout from the music community
was very satisfying, and the family, friends and fans who showed up...well, it was really a perfect day given
what we were there for.

While it was most definitely a day for and about Frank, I did take the opportunity to read an anouncement
about the future of Train Wreck, and I would like to share that with you here:

Train Wreck Retires

As many of you know, Frank and I formed the band back in 1998 with a few other compadres – Rey Vasquez, Jon Chappel,
and Bill Morrison. Scott Muhlman was also there at the beginning and has continued to join in when he can.

While many other players have come and gone, TW has always had Frank as its anchor and foundation – he truly was,
as I often introduced him, “the man without whom none of this would be possible.”

Less than a week before Frank’s passing, I spoke with him about the future of Train Wreck – I told him that unless he
wished otherwise, it was my intention to retire the band. He choked up a bit and told me that it was something he had
hoped for but hadn’t expected. He said that in the big picture, it seemed like such a little thing – but at the same time
it wasn’t a little thing, and it truly meant a lot to him.

KENNY, RICK, AND I WILL STILL PLAY TOGETHER (!), after some time and healing and once the right person comes
along to fill out the band and make it feel right again. But after 14 years, 5 CDs, a few thousand shows and a couple of
million snare shots and cymbal crashes, I am announcing the official end of Train Wreck – in honor and loving memory
of our friend, brother, and bandmate, “the very heartbeat of Train Wreck, and one of my favorite people in the whole
world,” Mr. Frank Bloise.

I want to thank you all for all of the years of amazing support and incredible memories. The website will stay active with
announcements and news of any future projects and happenings, and we will be posting some of our favorite pictures
from over the years as a bit of a tribute to Frank.

On behalf of myself, Jane, Frank, Kenny, Rick, and all the others who have been a part of this band, we thank you all
from the bottom of our hearts.

We will be back! Frank wouldn’t have it any other way - but without Frank, it just wouldn't be Train Wreck.
We don't yet know just when or what it will be called, but you can always check back here or send us
your email address (if we don't already have it) and we'll keep you abreast of any news.

Update 02/13/2012 - A memorial gathering for Frank will be held at Turquoise Valley Country Club on Sunday,
February 26th, from 1 to 4pm.

We will hold an open-mic style event, with PA and backline (drum kit, bass rig, several guitar amps) available for those who wish
to sing/play a few songs in the celebration and memory of Frank's life, or for anyone who simply wants to recount how Frank
touched their lives. We are not going to schedule bands for full sets at specific time slots. If you have specific instrument/musical
needs, no problem - bring what you need. Otherwise, please plan on using the gear we have there.

This is an open event, but we are not going to publicize it beyond directed emails, a bit of Facebook, and the Train Wreck
website - this is a gathering for his friends and family. If there is anyone you know who you think should be there,
please let them know.

If you have any further questions, please contact Rick Coakley at

IMPORTANT Update 01/17/2012 - It is with a sad soul and a heavy heart that I am writing to tell you that Frank
passed away peacefully at 9:30am, Tuesday, January 17th.

The following is the current draft of the obit we plan to publish:

Frank Bloise, husband of Cindy for 20 years, and father to LaCretia, Tysi, and Mike, passed away peacefully in
his home at the age 58 on Tuesday, January 17th after a 6 month battle with cancer. He was the only child of Joe
and Claudine Bloise of Willcox, AZ, both deceased. A professional drummer since his days at Cochise College,
he was the very heartbeat of local band Train Wreck from its inception in 1998. Born in Willcox, Frank lived in
Tucson, Phoenix, and LA for a few years before returning to the area, settling in Hereford in 1974. He was
considered by all to be one of the premier musicians in the area, and everyone who had the privilege to know
him will tell you he was simply one of the kindest and sweetest people they had ever met.

Information about a memorial will be posted at in the near future.

Frank had spent the last couple of days in a very "distant" state - it felt very much as if he had mostly left but
was just keeping a last bit of attachment to this world. At about 6am I sensed his breathing had changed - it wasn't
raspy or gasping, but it wasn't as easy as it had been either. By about 8:45 Cindy, Jane and I were all gathered
around his bed, holding his hands, stroking his head, hands over his heart, telling him we and all of you loved
him so very much. By 9:15 or so the time between his breaths began to noticeably lengthen, to the point where
we would all be waiting for his next breath - which, just before 9:30am, never came.

All in all, I must say that Frank's passing was really everything we (and he) hoped it would be. His time here
was spent VERY well, and when the time came he was surrounded by loved ones and passed peacefully and
quietly in his sleep. It's hard to imagine a better way to go.

Cindy would appreciate a little time and space right now, so if you could wait a little before calling or visiting
she would be grateful.

Thank you all for all of your love and support throughout this time.
Sean, Jane, Cindy, and (of course) Frank.


Update 01/14/2012 - Frank is not doing very well at all. Sorry, but there's no easy way to say
this - Frank has requested that all phone calls and visits stop. While he is (fortunately) still not in pain MUCH
of the time, his ability to move around (change sheets, clean up, etc.) without pain is all but gone, even with
the added morphine.

It is a struggle for him to stay awake or focus on anything, he is fairly incoherent much of the time he is awake
(HE knows what he's talking about, but we often don't have a clue!), he can not carry on a phone conversation -
I think you get the picture.

Jane and I have moved in with Cindy and Frank to help them through what feels like his final days (you never
can really know). In fact, we thought we were going to lose him yesterday - he actually made the decision
not to leave. Personally, I think it was because he knows Cindy's birthday is on Tuesday.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of such sad news, I'm even sorrier to have to play the role of gate keeper/guard dog/
body guard - call it what you will - especially in light of the fact that I know what he means to so many of you. But
the bottom line is that's what he wants, and that's what he'll get. I sincerely appreciate your understanding and
cooperation in this.

There is no internet at their house (I may have to change that!), so updates are even tougher - but rest assured,
will find a way to get the word out, whatever that might be.

Thank you all so much.


Merry Christmas to all... Christmas dinner at the Bloise house was unlike anything I had
ever seen before - ham, meatballs, stuffing, rice, red chile (NM style), beef and bean chili, macaroni
and cheese, salad, eggplant parmigiana, dinner rolls, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a dish or two!
Oh yeah, like the apple pie, chocolate Kahlua cake, and brownies! All prepared at Cindy's moms and
transported over. All this for 6 people - Frank and Cindy, Joe, Jay, and Jane and I! it was nuts. But it
was a great visit, Frank was a bit tired but doing quite well - actually, I don't think he realized it was
Christmas until that morning. His sense of time is quite warped - sometimes one day seems like two,
sometimes 2 or 3 days get mashed into one.

It was a very emotional day for us all, but a really good one.

Update 11/19 - Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very pleased (and more than a bit sad) to announce that at
approx 4:30pm on Saturday one Frank Bloise was finally delivered to his home after 5 weeks in the hospital.
He is VERY glad to be home, in very good spirits, resting fairly comfortably, occasionally a bit feisty in
a way that was seldom seen while he was in the hospital - it was good to see.

The actual ride home was difficult (and would have been a comedy of errors, if only it had been funny), but he
made it safe and sound. He likes his hospice nurse very much, and has all of the tools necesary to keep him
comfortable. He and Cindy are working out their new routine, and doing quite well.

He has asked that those inclined to call or visit give him a few days to settle in (wait until AFTER the
Thanksgiving holiday), but he does look forward to hearing from friends and family.

Update 10/30 - Frank is back in UMC hospital (as of 10/17) and I am very sorry to say has recieved a
diagnosis of stage 4 bone cancer. He is undergoing pain management therapy right now but is confined
to his bed due to back pain when he moves too much. He is very comfortable most of the time. and
I (Sean) or Cindy and Jane have been with him almost 24/7.

The only real option for fighting it is chemotherapy; but it's important to understand that this is not something
that will be cured; it will be managed for as long as it can be. There are still too many variables to talk in an
informed way about the question on everybody's mind - how long. I don't know. There is not anything wrong
with Frank OTHER than the cancer, so his chances of fighting it are as good as we could hope for, but there
are risks and obstacles at every turn. I can tell you that the Oncologists don't feel he's in imminent
danger - they're not talking about days or weeks. The therapy they want to administer often takes 4-6
months (I'm told these are VERY soft numbers - they won't commit to anything!).

Frank is not ready to curl up into a ball and die (his words) - he wants to fight this, as long as it makes sense
to do so - that means quality of life. It's not going to be easy, and it's certainly not guaranteed,
but it's worth a shot.

Keep the Prayers and good thoughts coming - we need all we can get!


Update 9/24 - (Please read the whole installment!)
As many of you know, Frank got the results from SOME of his follow up scans on Friday
Sept 16th - and they were disappointingly inconclusive. At the same time, there was reallly
no good news on any of them.

*There are more nodules (albeit very small ones) in his lungs that there were NOT there 2
months ago. These have NEVER been either confirmed or ruled out as cancerous. They are all
in spots you can't easily get to. There is no such thing as a good lung nodule.

* The discovery of unspecific nodules on his thyroid gland, which are scheduled to be biopsied
asap - hopefully this coming week.

* He has begun experiencing pain in his lower back, the site of his bone scan hot spots (NOTE: the
reason I say SOME of his scans above is that we have not received the results of this second bone scan,
which was not done until a few days ago)

* Enzymes that CAN be indicators of bone cancer are at alarmingly high levels
(they can also indicate pregnancy).

Again - nothing definitive, and it is a as important as ever to stay positive.

ALSO! There will be a music benefit for Frank held at Turquoise Valley Golf Club in Naco on 10/30/2011.
Scroll down to check out the poster - and BE THERE!

Update 8/2 - Frank has had successful bladder removal surgery, and is home recovering.
We are VERY glad to report that the pathology reports indicated that the cancer
had NOT spread beyond his bladder (contrary to earlier evidence), and while he
still must undergo further tests and scans, we are hopeful.

7/10 - Frank Bloise was taken to UMC emergency room in acute renal
faliure due to bladder cancer blocking his kidneys. Over the course of a 3 1/2 week
stay in the hospital, his kidney function returned to normal, however there are
indications from his CAT scans and bone scan of possible spreading
of the cancer. At this point, only time will tell.

Anyone needing more info can contact us through









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Click here to read about our 2008 Memphis Adventure!

As many of you know, Train Wreck won the 2007 Southern Arizona Blues Heritage Foundation Blues Challenge, (playing all original music!) and we represented Southern Arizona in Memphis, Tennessee on January 31st 2008 at the International Blues Challenge.


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